“The New” Galleria Ristorante

We Have Exciting News!

Dominick is Returning!

Galleria Ristorante Will Be Reopening
This Monday September 15th.

Dominick and the Staff Invite You Down to See the "New" Galleria Ristorante. The Original Management Team is Back. We Hope to See You Monday and Beyond.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thoughts on ““The New” Galleria Ristorante”

Pat & Ed Dobbins

Hi Dominick- We can’t tell you how happy and so excited to see that you’re back again!! we have been waiting for this day to come!! We will see you VERY soon. When will you be opening again? We would love to have another Anniversary dinner with you! Please send our best to your family, John and Emil and tell them that we’ll be in to see them. This is the best news we’ve gotten-can’t wait to celebrate with you again! Love, Pat & Ed

Joe Randazzo

Dominick, the family and I are so glad that you are coming back! It is about time. The place hasn’t been the same since you left. We were ecstatic when we found out that you would be returning. Now, I can finally enjoy the food there again. Hope to see you soon!

Diana & Zeljko Blasic

We are so happy to hear the good news. We have missed you. It (Galleria) was never the same without you…or Diana. I’m sorry we couldn’t get there this weekend our anniversary, but we will have to catch up with you soon after we return from Croatia. Leaving Monday. Congratulations and all our best wishes for a most happy and we’re sure very successful return.



I am looking forward to the grand re-opening as are all of my friends. I wish you all the best for many successful years. Hope you will be open soon


T.L. King

Hello Dominick,
Welcome back and congrats on the new renovation. Looking forward to the “Grand re-opening” and enjoying an epicurean delight with professional service.

Pam and Mark Flugman

We miss you all look forward to seeing you soon regards The Flugmans

Steve B

I am very excited that you are back. I am very much looking forward to opening night. The food was always great when you ran it. Can not wait!

Frank Rutigliano

Dominick, it has been a grueling four years without you! I am so happy that you’re coming back. No one knows how to run a restaurant like you. You are a veritable expert restaurateur! Please let us all know when the big opening day is!


Very excited that we will have have a Great place to eat again. There was a huge void when you left.
Can’t wait for the opening!!!

Alan G

Wonderful news! Best of luck and cannot wait to spend my Saturdays dining with you and your wonderful staff. All the best and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Barbara W

Dominick, this is amazing and exciting news! Best wishes and looking forward to many wonderful meals and family occasions at the Galleria.

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